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The TBIC offers the unique opportunity to companies involved in transatlantic business relations, to become an active member of a strong and dynamic platform. Besides placing their logo, Corporate Members can join events and are involved in the TBICs planning.

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American Electric Power
Gold Sponsor

American Electric Power (AEP) has been providing electric service for more than 100 years and is one of the nation’s largest electric utilities. AEP serves more than 5.3 million customers across 11 states in the U.S.

AEP’s Economic & Business Development team provides comprehensive support for businesses relocating or expanding in the AEP service area and catalyzes economic growth in their communities through customized training and programs.

From site selection to community development, they manage every step of the process to help businesses find the right location for their facilities. They offer best-in-class research, access to over 3,000 communities, 500+ sites and properties, including dozens of project-ready industrial, data center and food processing certified sites, and access to the fastest growing shale plays in the U.S.

Emily J. Tucker


Silver Sponsor

Clayco is a full-service, turnkey real estate, architecture, engineering, design-build and construction firm that delivers clients around the world the highest quality solutions on time, on budget and above and beyond expectations. 

We have nationwide reach and reputation, with offices in Chicago and St. Louis, and we break ground across each of the business units we serve, including: institutional, commercial, industrial and residential/hospitality. 

James Eshleman 


Gray Construction
Silver Sponsor

Gray Construction is a pioneer in design-build specializing in engineering, architecture and construction services to both domestic and international customers. Founded in 1960, Gray is a family-owned company headquartered in Lexington, Ky. with offices across the U.S. and Japan. 
At Gray Construction, we rely on honesty, discipline and hard work and believe our success can be attributed to upholding a simple set of core values that date back to the beginning of the company:
  • We put safety and quality of life first.
  • We are customer and relationship driven.
  • We treat others the way we want to be treated.
Werner Beermann 


Mississippi Power
Silver Sponsor

Southeast Mississippi provides a number of competitive advantages for companies interested in locating or expanding in the region:

  • The region offers a highly motivated and productive workforce 
  • Southeast Mississippi is strategically located in one of the fastest growing regions of the United States and offers operating costs below the national average
  • A vast inventory of sites and buildings is available, including sites certified through Mississippi Power's Project Ready®program that meet strict development guidelines designed by a nationally recognized site location consultant
  • Competitive incentives are available for a variety of industries along with a pro-business climate that includes right-to-work laws and expedited environmental permitting
  • Mississippi Power provides reliable, clean and affordable energy

Steven B. Dick


Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
Silver Sponsor

The Tennessee Valley Authority is a corporate agency of the United States that provides electricity for business customers and local power distributors serving 9 million people in parts of seven southeastern states. TVA receives no taxpayer funding, deriving virtually all of its revenues from sales of electricity. In addition to operating and investing its revenues in its electric system, TVA provides flood control, navigation and land management for the Tennessee River system and assists local power companies and state and local governments with economic development and job creation.

Adam Brandt Murray 


Silver Sponsor

Founded in 1987, YER is an international recruitment agency with offices in the United States and Europe. YER finds high-quality candidates with bachelors and advanced degrees to fill permanent and interim positions at mid-and senior levels.

YER-USA, Inc., was established in 2007 as a result of international expansion and through existing partnerships with global clients. From our offices in Atlanta, New York and Chicago, we cover the entire continental United States, as well as Canada and Mexico.

Our team of experienced consultants is uniquely positioned to help our European clients with the right candidates in the NAFTA region.

Matthias Oertzen


Entergy Business Development: Mississippi

Silver Sponsor

Entergy, providing affordable, reliable electric power.

Located in the fastest-growing region in the U.S., Mississippi is poised for business growth. A strong network of transportation and trade resources make this state the gateway to all major U.S., Canadian and Latin American markets.

Entergy is a member of the Midcontinent Independent System Operator Inc., an essential link in the safe, cost-effective delivery of electric power across 15 U.S. states. MISO and its members find new ways to strengthen the reliability of our region’s interconnected transmission network, using real-time smart grid technology to benefit all consumers of electricity. MISO’s transparent market operations, value-based regional planning, and independence help us build a stronger, more reliable electric grid.

Ed Gardner, Jr.


H&M Company
Bronze Sponsor

H&M Company, Inc. is a national engineering and construction firm offering a full range of Plan-Design-Build services for projects throughout North America. We were founded in 1957 near Jackson, Tennessee, and we’re still headquartered there today.

Throughout our 57 years in business, H&M has continually improved and expanded our capabilities to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs. While achieving significant growth in our customer base and revenues our mission remains the same:

To Help Our Customers Achieve Success.

Roger A. Cook 


JESCO Construction, Inc.
Bronze Sponsor

Construction-Engineering, Mechanical-Electrical, Metal Buildings, Industrial Services, Millwright, and Steel Fabrication; each complementing the others, are dedicated to one common goal – the fulfillment of the needs of our industry.

With the combined creative talents and technical expertise of individuals from diverse segments of the construction and engineering fields, JESCO delivers on its commitments....Project after Project.... to the full satisfaction of our customers and within budget constraints.

Tim Weston


Standridge Logistics & Consulting

Bronze Sponsor 

Standridge Logistics is a Certified Veteran Owned Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Company (certified by CVE and NVBDC) who can create an optimized pickup and delivery solution that provides reliable service, helps minimize costs, and improves distribution.

With Standridge Logistics, you’ll rely on our personal service and have peace of mind that our experts are operating and managing this complicated process for you.

We will handle equipment planning, route optimization, and driver hiring, while you spend your time and capital making your business grow.

When the need for a fast, critical shipment comes up, Standridge Logistics is there to help.

We provide dedicated trucking, expedited trucking, domestic and international air, ocean freight and warehousing services.

Andy Jocham


abatAdah Group, Inc. 

Daniel Dueren


Basic Corporate Members

ElectriCities of N.C., Inc

ElectriCities is the energy behind public power. For more than 50 years, ElectriCities has helped North Carolina public power communities provide safe, reliable and affordable power to their customers. ElectriCities serves more than 1.2 million people in North Carolina public power communities, including 32 members of the N.C. Eastern Municipal Agency (NCEMPA) and 19 members of N.C. Municipal Power Agency #1 (NCMPA1).

Core services:

ElectriCities provides many of the administrative services needed by municipally owned electric utilities, including:

  •        Training Programs
  •        Consolidated Services
  •        Budgeting/Forecasting
  •        Legislative and Regulatory Affairs
  •        Corporate Communications
  •        Economic Development and Industrial/Commercial Services
  •        Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
  •        Technology Services and Information Management

Brenda Daniels


JMWilliams Contractors

JMWilliams is a general contractor and building company that is different than most. Our leadership, business approach, and 
open-book methodology allow us to provide an unexpected level of service, construction management, and design-build product.

Our pre-construction and commercial construction services include feasibility studies; pre-construction scheduling; design input; project management; field engineering and supervision; and cost, schedule, quality, and safety controls.

Since 2001, our clients have hired us for our leadership and industry know-how that creates an exceptional building experience and product. We understand that before a pen has been put to a plan, you’ve already invested a lot and want a partner who understands your needs, requirements, and expectations.

Brad Campbell


Kentucky's Touchstone Energy Cooperatives

In the world of economic development and site selection, we at Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives know Data is power in making business decisions.  As a generator of electricity we know Power is the driver of our local economies and as such we are woven into the fabric of our communities across the state.

To assist in helping companies to make decisions on where to invest, we have created state-of-the-art tools to provide timely and relevant data about local workforce and economies as well as provide detailed reviews of some of the best industrial sites in the United States.  Our PowerMap mobile app allows users to access 63,000 pieces of economic data from StateBook, while providing bird’s eye views of top industrial sites through our PowerVision drone flights which include digital terrain models as well as virtual buildings to demonstrate the real capabilities of the site.  All of this information is available on mobile devices through our app or via laptop utilizing our website.

Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives provides safe reliable electricity to over 2/3 of Kentucky through a generation mix that includes coal; natural gas; hydro; landfill and solar.  We are also a member of the PJM Interconnection the 2nd largest competitive wholesale electricity market in the world behind the European Integrated Energy Market. 

Brad Thomas


Pacific Gas & Electric

Pacific Gas and Electric Company, incorporated in California in 1905, is one of the largest combined natural gas and electric energy companies in the United States. Based in San Francisco, the company is a subsidiary of PG & E Corporation. 

There are approximately 20,000 employees who carry out Pacific Gas and Electric Company's primary business—the transmission and delivery of energy. The company provides natural gas and electric service to approximately 16 million people throughout a 70,000-square-mile service area in northern and central California.

  • Service area stretches from Eureka in the north to Bakersfield in the south, and from the Pacific Ocean in the west to the Sierra Nevada in the east.
  • 106,681 circuit miles of electric distribution lines and 18,466 circuit miles of interconnected transmission lines.
  • 42,141 miles of natural gas distribution pipelines and 6,438 miles of transmission pipelines.
  • 5.4 million electric customer accounts.
  • 4.3 million natural gas customer accounts.

Lawrence Acosta


The American Dream – US Visa Service

The American Dream – US Visa Service is Germany’s largest full service agency specialized in U.S. visas including work permits, and entry regulations. 

Since 1996, the government licensed emigration consultants support medium-sized businesses as well as major corporations with branch offices in the United States throughout the entire visa application process. Together with your personal visa consultant you will establish which visa category works best for the purpose of the stay and finalize it step-by-step. Regardless of whether it is a business trip, employee transfer or work assignment abroad.

The service agency offers an extensive service matching your case. It allows direct processing with HR departments, employees, U.S. authorities and business sites in the United States, reducing your workload to a minimum.

Alexander Kos


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